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An ubuntu package for 0.9.3 Release Candidate.

May 23, 2010 3 comments

Hello world!

As a result of my bad luck, my development machines died in this year (and the end of the 2009). That is the reason for the 0.9.3 release delay.

I have managed to make an ubuntu package (.deb) for ubuntu 10.04 amd64.  This package is not perfect, and maybe it misses some dependencies. I want to note that i have no experience in making .deb packages, it is made using an automatic builder.

Said that, i can release the package to the wild.

You can read the changelog to see what’s new.

Download here.


After installing the .deb, install the mysql server/client as needed ( if multiple POS terminals are going to use a single database, only install mysql server on one computer, and mysql client on all).  And then you can create the database using the file included in the package, installed at /usr/share/kde4/apps/lemon/lemon_mysql.sql . Run the script as described in the wiki. If you updated lemonpos, then you may want to update your database, instead of running lemnon_mysq.sql, run the fix script if you update from version 0.9.2 or 0.9.1.

There are two PDF documents installed at /usr/share/doc/lemonpos/ on two folders, one for english and other for spanish.

If you got an error when installing the package, see the error detail, maybe some dependencies are not satisfied.

The dependencies for the package are:


New version is cooking…

March 28, 2010 6 comments


There is a Release Candidate for the persa branch in the git repository, also there is a string freeze for translators. In the next week, the new version (0.9.3) will be released, with bug fixes and improvements.
The directions to get it are on the wiki

New Home!

March 21, 2010 4 comments

LemonPOS has a new home.

Also, there is a new release, the 0.9.2, that was not announced here.

The new site was also announced  by Guillaume on his blog that is aggregated on planetkde, this brings a new package of the latest release, this time for archlinux. Thanks realitygaps for packaging, it is found on the AUR Repository:

This also revives an old controversy about the name of the project. And I think its time to post about the name here.

The origin of the name for the POS is the fruit which is the main regional product of my state (Colima, México), specially of the Tecomán area…


Mexican Lemon


One of the typical fruits of Colima is Lemon, citric brought from Europe, but it is registered botanically as Mexican Lemon. With few more then 19,000 hectares, Colima State occupies the first place in its production. It has kept this relevance since the end of the XIXth century when the Comala Municipality and Tecomán already exported it monthly to San Francisco, California. In the fifties the citricultors of Tecomán Valley signed a contract with Golden Citrus Juices Inc of Florida, in order that the lemon juice and essential oil were sold to them, multiplying for it the packing and industrialization plants. They make good use of this fruit, from leaf oil is obtained, from the skin jam is made and pectins are obtained and certainly the juice, of which diverse uses are given.


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lemonPOS 0.9 Released!

January 24, 2010 10 comments

I have released the 0.9 version of lemonPOS.

There are new features like:

  • CUPS printers support for small tickets (for thermal printers)
  • Groups/Packs of products
  • Special Orders (custom products)
  • New printed reports on squeeze admin tool
  • User Roles (multiple admins, supervisors)
  • Lock Screen
  • Suspend/Resume sales

The complete changelog is here

You can get the sources from sourceforge project page.  We are waiting for each distribution packagers to make the new precompiled packages for lemonPOS.

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0.8 Released

May 20, 2009 3 comments

New release 0.8 is named persa.
This is an early release due to the situation I live now. I decided to release it as is because i will be offline in my house, and will look for a connection outside from time to time.

Update: I have gotten a paypal account, as some people suggested, and now i can receive donations. Here is the link:

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Release 0.7.3 and starting new features

April 5, 2009 7 comments

Yesterday was released the 0.7.3 version with some fixes.

From now, Im starting to incorporate new features that users requested. This requieres some big changes to the database structure, and starting at SVN revision 285 I have introduced new tables that will replace some fields from the products table. So I advice you to use SVN revision 284 or the 0.7.3 release. The SVN always has new code that im testing and may not always work as it should -now it has a floating toolbar for product filters that does not work-.

The big change Im working is to support different stores with a single stock managment from which a product could be sold from a different location -store,warehouse-. Also, a product could have peculiarities that differentiate from the same product, such as color and sizes, having the same code -and price,cost,etc-.

So, there are good things to come, stay tunned.

mailing list, trac and releases

April 3, 2009 1 comment

I have released 0.7.1 and 0.7.2 and do not post about. These versions fixes a couple of bugs reported by users, there is a new release coming soon with another fixes.

I have setup a mailing list for lemonpos in sourceforge, the list info page (for subscription) is here:mailing list

Also, I decided to use trac instead of tracker for bug reports and feature requests. Of course trac also provides a timeline view -from svn commits-, roadmap and source -svn- browse. For bug reports and feature request create new tickets. Go trac

And of course, the wiki is here.To edit the wiki, you need to be a sourceforge user -registered- (i have not test it with another account, someone comfirm this), i cannot enable edit for anonymous -sourceforge limitation-.

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