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New Home!

March 21, 2010

LemonPOS has a new home.


Also, there is a new release, the 0.9.2, that was not announced here.

The new site was also announced  by Guillaume on his blog that is aggregated on planetkde, this brings a new package of the latest release, this time for archlinux. Thanks realitygaps for packaging, it is found on the AUR Repository:


This also revives an old controversy about the name of the project. And I think its time to post about the name here.

The origin of the name for the POS is the fruit which is the main regional product of my state (Colima, México), specially of the Tecomán area…


Mexican Lemon


One of the typical fruits of Colima is Lemon, citric brought from Europe, but it is registered botanically as Mexican Lemon. With few more then 19,000 hectares, Colima State occupies the first place in its production. It has kept this relevance since the end of the XIXth century when the Comala Municipality and Tecomán already exported it monthly to San Francisco, California. In the fifties the citricultors of Tecomán Valley signed a contract with Golden Citrus Juices Inc of Florida, in order that the lemon juice and essential oil were sold to them, multiplying for it the packing and industrialization plants. They make good use of this fruit, from leaf oil is obtained, from the skin jam is made and pectins are obtained and certainly the juice, of which diverse uses are given.

Source: http://www.visitacolima.com.mx/english/destinos/playas/playas.htm

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  1. Farhan S. Basyaiban
    September 2, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    I try compile lemonpos 0.9.2 on my ubuntu, but i found error when make process. Here is the error:

    farhan@ubuntu:~/Unduhan/lemonpos$ make
    Scanning dependencies of target lemon_automoc
    Generating azahar.moc
    Generating pricechecker.moc
    Generating ticketpopup.moc
    Generating specialordereditor.moc
    Generating lemon.moc
    Generating inputdialog.moc
    Generating lemonview.moc
    Generating productdelegate.moc
    Generating loginwindow.moc
    Generating moc_mibittip.cpp
    Generating moc_mibitlineedit.cpp
    Generating moc_soselector.cpp
    Generating moc_sostatus.cpp
    Generating moc_mibitfloatpanel.cpp
    Generating moc_mibitpassworddlg.cpp
    Generating moc_resume.cpp
    [ 0%] Built target lemon_automoc
    [ 1%] Generating settings.h, settings.cpp
    [ 2%] Generating ui_mainview.h
    Warning: name gridLayout is already used
    /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/ui/mainview.ui: An invalid pixmap property ‘pixmap’ was encountered.
    [ 4%] Generating ui_prefs_base.h
    [ 5%] Generating ui_pref_printers.h
    [ 6%] Generating ui_store_data.h
    [ 8%] Generating ui_prefs_db.h
    [ 9%] Generating ui_pref_style.h
    [ 11%] Generating ui_pref_security.h
    [ 12%] Generating ui_special_order.h
    [ 13%] Generating ui_soselector.h
    [ 15%] Generating ui_sostatus.h
    [ 16%] Generating ui_resume.h
    [ 18%] Generating ui_checker.h
    Scanning dependencies of target lemon
    [ 19%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/lemon.dir/lemon_automoc.o
    In file included from /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/moc_soselector.cpp:10,
    from /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/lemon_automoc.cpp:6:
    /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/soselector.h:31:31: error: ../../src/structs.h: No such file or directory
    In file included from /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/moc_resume.cpp:10,
    from /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/lemon_automoc.cpp:10:
    /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/resume.h:57: error: ‘ProductInfo’ was not declared in this scope
    /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/resume.h:57: error: template argument 1 is invalid
    /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/resume.h:58: error: ‘SpecialOrderInfo’ was not declared in this scope
    /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/resume.h:58: error: template argument 1 is invalid
    /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/resume.h:77: error: ‘ProductInfo’ was not declared in this scope
    /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/resume.h:77: error: template argument 1 is invalid
    /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/resume.h:78: error: ‘SpecialOrderInfo’ was not declared in this scope
    /home/farhan/Unduhan/lemonpos/src/resume.h:78: error: template argument 1 is invalid
    make[2]: *** [src/CMakeFiles/lemon.dir/lemon_automoc.o] Error 1
    make[1]: *** [src/CMakeFiles/lemon.dir/all] Error 2
    make: *** [all] Error 2

    Please help for this problem, so that I can compile it.

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