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February 3, 2010 2 comments


The new git repository is now containing the updated code. It is mirrored in sourceforge and github, being the main one on gitorious.

As the ongoing work on the merge, now the product editor is working fine with the new features.  You can see a screenshot:

Product Editor

The Product Editor


Quick Information for Squeeze

September 4, 2008 4 comments

Recently I have been looking for a chart widget for squeeze. I’ve got a piechart example from a kde developer and It liked to me. So I put hands on to integrate the example in squeeze start screen to show some useful information from the sales and stock. The only problem is that the example is just that -a concept- and it has a few functionalities. There is some work to fix some things and expand it; or wait for a complete widget from this guy or to use the qwt ones (Im not good drawing at runtime with qpainter).

Here is a screenshot of the concept, of course it’s just an example.

Quick Sales and Stock Information

Quick Sales and Stock Information

The piechart author is Rafael Fernández López and the link to the blog article is

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Code cleaning completed

August 16, 2008 Comments off

Some days ago I finished the code cleaning and revision, for at least the data access code, and general code revision. As a result, i found and fixed some minor bugs, and added new code here and there. Squeeze got a new navigation menu to make it  look better, this is a transitional change in order to make it more usable and look beautiful, now it uses a third-party (gpl’ed) widget, until I implement my own navigation menu I want.

Squeeze with new Navigation menu

Squeeze with new Navigation menu

These changes will be available in the SVN repository as version 0.6 in a few days, but not in the tar’ed source code file in sourceforge downloads until i package it and analize gpl ver 3.

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An improvement to squeeze

February 28, 2008 Comments off

Now, editing an item offer, the appropiate editor is created when double click on each field at the tableview. It sets minimum and maximum values for each data field, so you cannot accidentally set a month=30 or a day=90.

After some weeks of inactivity, i have to make little improvements each week.

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New feature

January 21, 2008 Comments off

The most recent feature added to squeeze, the administration module, is a purchase action.

The purchase action let the administrator/owner to add products to the stock and keep a trace of purchases with its details.

Here is a screenshot of such action:

Squeeze making a buy.

The procedure is simple,

  1. click on the purchase button
  2. Type a product code. If it already exists, its information will be shown; you can modify it at your desire.
  3. Then you must enter the purchased quantity
  4. Type the profit margin to calculate the public price, and if the product is boxed, you can enter the number of items per box and the price per box to calculate individual item’s price.
  5. Then click “add item” to add it to the pruchase list.
  6. Here you can go 2 for another product.
  7. Finally, click “Ok” button to process the pruchase.
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