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An ubuntu package for 0.9.3 Release Candidate.

May 23, 2010 3 comments

Hello world!

As a result of my bad luck, my development machines died in this year (and the end of the 2009). That is the reason for the 0.9.3 release delay.

I have managed to make an ubuntu package (.deb) for ubuntu 10.04 amd64.  This package is not perfect, and maybe it misses some dependencies. I want to note that i have no experience in making .deb packages, it is made using an automatic builder.

Said that, i can release the package to the wild.

You can read the changelog to see what’s new.

Download here.


After installing the .deb, install the mysql server/client as needed ( if multiple POS terminals are going to use a single database, only install mysql server on one computer, and mysql client on all).  And then you can create the database using the file included in the package, installed at /usr/share/kde4/apps/lemon/lemon_mysql.sql . Run the script as described in the wiki. If you updated lemonpos, then you may want to update your database, instead of running lemnon_mysq.sql, run the fix script if you update from version 0.9.2 or 0.9.1.

There are two PDF documents installed at /usr/share/doc/lemonpos/ on two folders, one for english and other for spanish.

If you got an error when installing the package, see the error detail, maybe some dependencies are not satisfied.

The dependencies for the package are:


New version is cooking…

March 28, 2010 6 comments


There is a Release Candidate for the persa branch in the git repository, also there is a string freeze for translators. In the next week, the new version (0.9.3) will be released, with bug fixes and improvements.
The directions to get it are on the wiki

Version 0.7 released!

March 9, 2009 2 comments

After some days doing checks -i found a crash- finally i have release the 0.7 version.

I want to thank David Plater for reporting the bug at database-creation-script and Biel Frontera for his contributions to this version.

There are new features and bug fixes as shown in the changelog:

– Added Catalan translation (ca.po).

– BUGFIX: regexp for payment input (1…20, now only one ‘.’ is allowed)
– BUGFIX: ticket Alignment done (printTicket) [patch by Biel Frontera]
– BUGFIX: added a missing i18n at line 1392 [patch by Biel Frontera]
– BUGFIX: At search items, when doubleclicked on an already inserted product, the search panel is not closed.
– BUGFIX: Double clicking on any product in shopping list that is sold by pieces is not incremented.
– Improvement: ENABLED Cash Drawer openning. Added an option to enable at configuration.
Can someone test this? I dont have a cash drawer.
– Improvement: Transaction cancel now saves cashout, substract client points, restore stockqty for sold products.
Also does not allow ticket cancelation on already canecelled tickets, and when there is not enough cash in drawer.
– Improvement: Changed the way to search items with the priceChecker; now an ‘enter’ is requiered, resulting an improved
usability when using a barcode reader.
– Improvement: Dont close purchase dialog on return pressed on any widget to improve usability for barcode reader.
– Added Feature: support for item qty in code input. Example: 10×123456 means 10 units of the product which code is 123456.
– Added Feature: Now in every transaction items and its price/discount are saved in the database
to preserve the data at which they were sold. [patch by Biel Frontera]
– Added feature: one more filter to product grid filters: most sold products [by Biel Frontera]
– Added feature: Reprint Ticket [Adapted from Biel Frontera code ]
– Added feature: Change sale date (to register old sales that were not registered before) [Adapted from Biel Frontera code ].
– Added feature: Cash-Out. To take out money for payments at the POS.
– Added Feature: Now lemon does not quit if not connected to mysql, a config dialog for database is shown.
– Added Feature: A low level cash in drawer alarm. A config option for showing the alert and minimum value.
– Added Icons: cash-out, re-print ticket, balance.

– BUGFIX: Preferences disabled/enabled when requiered.
– BUGFIX: Spanish Translation fixed for the filter ‘show only not empty transactions’.
– BUGFIX: PurchaseEditor changed focus to empty fields when entering ‘Items Per Box’ qty. This is giving the
impression of not allowing more than 1 digit at the qty. [thanks for the report to Dave Plater]
– Added Feature: New report for cash-outs.
– Added Feature: New field in the offers editor to allow calculation of offer-percentage with the price entered
So now offers can be calculated with price or percentage [by Biel Frontera]
– Added Feature: Now squeeze does not quit if not connected to mysql, a config dialog for database is shown.

– New TransactionItems table, adapted code at finishCurrentTransaction() and others [ by Biel Frontera ]
– Changed collates from ‘utf8_spanish_ci’ and ‘latin1_general_ci’ to ‘utf8_general_ci’.

– BUG FIX: at SQL quieries: getAlmostSoldOutProducts,getTop5SoldProducts…
– Added some methods for future use at squeeze, regarding new tables and fields. [by Biel Frontera]

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Code cleaning completed

August 16, 2008 Comments off

Some days ago I finished the code cleaning and revision, for at least the data access code, and general code revision. As a result, i found and fixed some minor bugs, and added new code here and there. Squeeze got a new navigation menu to make it  look better, this is a transitional change in order to make it more usable and look beautiful, now it uses a third-party (gpl’ed) widget, until I implement my own navigation menu I want.

Squeeze with new Navigation menu

Squeeze with new Navigation menu

These changes will be available in the SVN repository as version 0.6 in a few days, but not in the tar’ed source code file in sourceforge downloads until i package it and analize gpl ver 3.

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Bug fix: Crash if mysql was not running

February 27, 2008 Comments off

I have fixed a bug on squeeze and lemon that happened when mysql was not running. Now, at the startup, lemon quits informing the user that mysql is may be down; and squeeze disables the actions (menu) to prevent squeeze crashing trying to get data from mysql. Here is an screenshot of squeeze with disabled actions waiting for a connection to mysql server.

Squeeze with disabled actions.

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