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New feature

January 21, 2008

The most recent feature added to squeeze, the administration module, is a purchase action.

The purchase action let the administrator/owner to add products to the stock and keep a trace of purchases with its details.

Here is a screenshot of such action:

Squeeze making a buy.

The procedure is simple,

  1. click on the purchase button
  2. Type a product code. If it already exists, its information will be shown; you can modify it at your desire.
  3. Then you must enter the purchased quantity
  4. Type the profit margin to calculate the public price, and if the product is boxed, you can enter the number of items per box and the price per box to calculate individual item’s price.
  5. Then click “add item” to add it to the pruchase list.
  6. Here you can go 2 for another product.
  7. Finally, click “Ok” button to process the pruchase.
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